About Us

Our Mission is to inspire an empowering lifestyle, an emerging culture and a legendary movement.

As consumers ourselves, we were extremely frustrated with the lack of fashionable accessories that accurately reflected our lifestyle. We needed to set higher standards to challenge the negative opinions casted upon us.

Now we’re putting in work to create modernized products for you to proudly express yourself, your lifestyle, and what you’re all about.

  1. No Time Limit- There’s no set product release timeline that we follow. We don’t take shortcuts. From start to finish we carefully analyze the market, test the prototype, and ensure the results meet your high expectations.

  2. No Cost Limit - It doesn’t matter how much it costs to make. We obsess over perfection to deliver on our promise. That every penny you spend is worth it. We only care about presenting you with the most upscale products money can buy. 

  3. No Manufacturing Limit - We cherry-pick the cream-of-the-crop manufacturers to ensure unprecedented quality in every product and every delivery.

The results reflect the blood, sweat, and tears from thousands of dedicated factory workers, hundreds of talented freelancers, two innovative product developers, and one phenomenal creative director.

While there are of course cheaper products on the market meant for functionality, our creations are for those who respect our workmanship and are ready to represent the new culture of high performing stoners who grind with style.

In fact, you’ll be surrounded by raised eyebrows and curious eyes, impressed and eager to know what you’re holding in your hand…
and how they can get one of their own.

We take pride in our craft to provide you with nothing short of the world’s finest accessories to confidently sesh in style. 

Experience the Royale Lifestyle. Today.